jueves, 22 de diciembre de 2016

Recopilatorio: "Northern Conspiracy - Volume 2"

Ya esté disponible el recopilatorio del sello sueco Discouraged Records "Northern Conspiracy - Volume 2", puedes escucharlo desde el siguiente enlace de bandcamp.


The Arson Project (Grind/Hardcore, Malmö)
Forgotten Graves (from the debut album “Disgust”)
Inevitable End (Grind/Hardcore, Göteborg, Relapse Records)
The Leatherface Chronicles (unreleased)

Terrortory (Melodic Death Metal, Skellefteå/Umeå/Stockholm/Norrköping, Discouraged Records)
Pestiferous Haven (unreleased)

Grid (Grind, Umeå, Discouraged Records)
Shackled (from the upcoming EP “Human Collapse Syndrome”)

System Annihilated (Hardcore/Metal, Umeå, Discouraged Records)
World vs Me (unreleased)

Angel with No Arms (Grind/Hardcore, Skellefteå)
Sick of this Shit (unreleased)

Kira (Hardcore, Umeå, Discouraged Records)
Pelarhelgon (from the 7” EP “Eremitage”)

Ghamorean (Blackened Death Metal, Umeå, Discouraged Records)
With Hades Entwined (from the single “With Hades Entwined”)

Pray For Locust (Hardcore/Metal, Stockholm, Discouraged Records)
Batcountry (from the album “In the Shadow of the Colossus”)

JZZBLK (Experimental/Metal, Umeå)
Ghetto Mission (from the album “Welcome”)

This Gift is a Curse (Hardcore/Black Metal, Stockholm, Seasons of Mist)
Hamnskiftaren (from the 7” split with Hexis)

Crowdburn (Metal, Umeå, Discouraged Records)
Sign Away Your Life (from the album “Ignition”)

Volger (Stoner rock, Umeå)
Vidunder (unreleased)

Lahey (Experimental/Hardcore, Umeå)
Iraqi Driving Instructor (unreleased)

Borg 64 (Hardcore/Metal/Punk/Noise, Luleå)
Kill Screen (from the upcoming album “There is a Light that Never Goes Out”)

The Pookie Syndrome (Hardcore, Piteå, Discouraged Records)
KAOS (from the S/T 7” EP )

Moloken (Atmospheric Metal/Post-Hardcore, Umeå, Temple of Torturous)
I Dig Deeper (from the album “All is Left to See”)

Lonely Grave (Grind/Punk, Umeå)
Simian Laughter (from “Lonely Grave EP”)

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