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Martín: Hello Marco, first of all let us know about your musical career and your past with bands like DEINONYCHUS, BETHLEHEM and DARK SANCTUARY.

Marco: Well, I started my musical “career” at the age of 16 in some local thrashband, before I seriously started of with MALEFIC OATH (predecessor Deinonychus) in early 1992. In Late-1992 I started with Deinonychus on a serious level; a year later I recorded a rehearsal and Demo, with whom I signed a contract with UK label Cacophonous Records. In the following years I recorded 8 full-length albums with Deinonychus for several labels, making a mixture of black metal, Doom and Dark metal. Somewhere between 1997-1999 I also was involved in the German Darkmetal Band Bethlehem as a vocalist with whom I did one full length album and a mini album. In 2000 I did one album with French band Dark Sanctuary as a vocalist.

In September 2008 I decided to put Deinonychus to rest after I felt no motivation to carry something on I didn’t really care for anymore... Thus in that same year I started my new project Nihil Novi Sub Sole, which basically was already founded 6 months before I disbanded Deinonychus.

M: Your new project NIHIL NOVI SUB SOLE is a piece of Industrial/Martial/Ambient music. How do you feel about this evolution from Metal to electronic music?

M: It came very natural if you ask me. During the years I have also developed a natural interest in many other music styles besides metal and such. And electronic music was one of them, hence I wasn’t familiar with composing electronic music, and only familiar with conventional instrumentation etc. Somewhere along the track I came to the conclusion to give it a go, and I started to learn working with MIDI-instrumentation and such related software samplers etc. That is where Nihil Novi Sub Sole got a bit of shape. Hence the first steps where rather confusing in what style of music it should become… I had no obvious plan in making the style of music as I make it now. Nonetheless it felt really good to do something completely new. It felt the same as almost twenty years ago As I started to make metal ;)

M: My Kingdom Music has released “Jupiter Temple” as well as the last DEINONYCHUS album. How is your relationship with the label?

M: I have a very good relationship with My Kingdom Music, which goes beyond just being business partners. Francesco (owner of the label) is also a good friend! This year I’m 10 years with My Kingdom Music….

M: What about your fascination about War and its expression in the shape of dark music?

M: I’ve been fascinated with war ever since I’m a child. My family is from Germany and some passed members have served in WWII, and obviously suffered from it too. The tales told and heard from a very young age, just never leave you again. So, my main fascination comes rather from my roots, unlike any political interest or anything nearly involved.

Dark music has always been of interest as I simply carry a very weak spot for emotional music!!!!!

M: What themes inspire the songs? Is there a main concept behind “Jupiter Temple”?

M: Jupiter Temple has been inspired by the sheer terror of war in all it’s aspects, as well crimes against humanity.

M: The songs of “Jupiter Temple” seem to be connected with the past. How do you see the world of today?
M: I reckon if you look at the world today, it hasn’t really changed from the past, it’s just that everything seems, and I like to emphasize “seems”… More civilized now.

M: “Jupiter Temple” has a very special artwork. Tell us about the artwork and its dark image.

M: The artwork simply has a dark feel to it, it not necessary does picture something, it more likely should express the overall atmosphere of the songs…

M: NIHIL NOVI SUB SOLE´s music could fix very well with video images, are you planning to film a video?

M: For Nihil Novi Sub Sole are already circulating a couple videos amongst for the unreleased songs; “Forlorn” and “The Tragedy Engraved”, one can find them on Youtube for example ;)

But it is surely an option to shoot some pro-material in the future, would be cool though!

M: Can you choose two bands or artists with different styles that have influenced you to be a musician?

M: Peter Tägtgren from Hypocrisy/ Pain definitely had a big influence on me as a musician. And Wojciech Kilar the filmscore composer as well. And I reckon there are a few more.

M: Thank you very much for your time. Here you have space to write what you want as farewell.

M: I’d like to thank you for this opportunity and wish you luck with your future efforts. Those interested in Nihil Novi Sub Sole can check our page at Myspace:

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