domingo, 14 de enero de 2018

BOB KATSIONIS anuncia nuevo álbum en formato Icon-Disc™

Aquí puedes ver el vídeo de presentación del nuevo álbum de BOB KATSIONIS, titulado "Prognosis & Synopsis", el cual se va a publicar en un novedoso formato llamado Icon-Disc™, que es básicamente una app. Si quieres saber más aquí debajo tienes el comunicado original (en inglés) del polifacético artista.

“The Icon-Disc™ is what it's name simply states: a music “disc” in the form of an icon on your phone or tablet. For decades,artists and bands were releasing their music in the form of an album: a compilation of music expression and inspiration representing a certain period of the composer's or performer's life. Even the radio was playing the singles to make people buy the album in the form of a cassette, vinyl, CD. With the recent arrival of the broadband internet, services like YouTube, iTunes, Spotify etc, feed us with tons of isolated songs, videoclips, playlists, random compilations and other cool stuff like this, BUT people are not concentrating on the album anymore.

And for me the “magic” of diving into the world of an album, surrounded by the full artwork, pictures, photos, credits, info is what turns the listeners to “fans”. And it’s the fans who are buying the albums, merchandise, special editions etc and help a band survive at this difficult period we all live and make music. And even more important, through the album, the artist himself has the chance of showcasing his full potential, present his work on a full scale and take the listener by the hand on a wonderful trip through his music.

The idea/concept of the Icon-Disc is not something new; great artists like Bjork, Paul McCartney, Sting, Lady Gaga, JayZ and many more have released “albums-as-app”

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